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Friday April 22nd




Science & pseudo-science



Young Audience

Introduction: the Role of Public Authority in Educating Tomorrow’s Citizen

with the participation of local elective representatives & REC partners

Do we Lose our Critical Judgment in front of Technology Innovation?

Jean-Paul Delahaye,  Jean-Paul Krivine, Catherine Tessier, Delphine Toquet

High IQ: Good or Bad Luck?

Franck Ramus

Fake News: is Highlighting the Underlying Mechanisms Enough to Stop Them?

Jeremy Attard , Sebastian Dieguez, Divina Frau Meigs

Is Humour a Weapon for Critical Thinking?

Intervenants en attente de validation

The Scepticism Movement in the World

JM Abrassart (France), Edzard Ernst (Allemagne), Claire Klingenberg (République Tchèque) Amardeo Sarma (Allemagne), Ben Radford (USA)

De-converting with the Epistemic Interview

Antony Bertrand Grenier, Samuel Buisseret, Clément Freze, Anthony Magnabosco

What alternative therapies are the symptom of?

Olivier Bernard, Richard Monvoisin, Nicolas Pinsault, Sohan Tricoire

Is Feminism Soluble into Zetetic? (or the opposite)

Irène Courtin, Richard Monvoisin, Miz Pauline

Qanon: Conspiracy Theory or Religion?

Sylvain Cavalier, Sebastian Dieguez, Pascal Wagner Egger

Qu’y a-t-il de nouveau et de bon dans la psychanalyse ?What’s New and Good in Psychoanalysis?

Jacques Van Rillaer, Franck Ramus

Algorithm Literacy: for a Digital Culture Chosen and Not Endured, and Less Misinformation

Sarah Labelle, Divina F. Meigs, François Pellegrini

Parapsychology: a Field of Science Like Others? 

JM Abrassart, Renaud Evrard, Chris Roe

Is the Bayesian Approach able to Enrich Critical Thinking?

Nicolas Martin, Christophe Michel

Tronche en live

Is Zetetic being reinventing the wheel?

How to handle your neighbor antivax, Qanon militant, geopolitical expert and hypersensitive?

Neset Mandi, Sylvain cavalier, …

Critical Thinking: a Useful Soft Skill for Business?

Matthieu Alemany,  Jean-François Izard, …

Law & Zetetic: What Interactions?

Richard Monvoisin, Sacha Sydoryk, François Pellegrini 

Do you Know How to Doubt? (For More Rational Decision Making)

Thomas C Durand 

Fake News in Business

Mathieu Alemany, Sylvain Cavalier 

The Role of Science in Justice

Yannis Vassiliadis , Sacha Sydoryk, 

Manipulation & Personal Development in Business

Elisabeth Feytit, Horizon Gull, Albert Moukheiber

Evidence Based Fitness: How & Why become a Sceptic Athlete

Ghaïs Guelaïa 

Show Critical Thinking in Front of Nutrition Information

Thibault Fiolet, Dominique Larrouy, Sohan Tricoire

In the Footsteps of ChupaCabra, the Vampire Beast: Facts, Fiction & Folklore

Ben Radford

Biodynamic farming: from Horns to Zodiac: an agricultural occultism 

Cyril Gambari, JB Meybeck, Serge Bret Morel

Caring Parenting & Alternative Medecine: How to Avoid Sectarianism’s Traps

Madame Captain, Jean Marc Hugues, Simone Risch 

Introduction to [Archéomanie]

Eric Lowen

Scepticism in the context of the Newsworthy Astrology

 Serge Bret Morel


Cancer & Hogwash

Céline Bensoussan, Olivier Bernard, François Morel

Ayahuasca: Psychedelic Therapy & Critical Thinking

Olivier Bernard (le Pharmachien)

Haïti & Cholera: an Example of Scientific Misinformation

Renaud Piarroux

Science & Media: How to Inform Without Misinforming

JP Krivine, Marc Gozlan, Franck Ramus

Sunshine Project: 10 Years of Research & 6 Publications on the Relation Between Doctors & Industry

Adriaan Barbaroux, fantine

Fake News: Learn How to Create Them to Protect Yourself Against Them

Vincent Flibustier

Critical Thinking & Technology: the Example of the Blockchain

Jean-Paul Delahaye